Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why should I buy a domain name from Prontobrand?

A:  If you’re starting a new business or venture – or possibly rebranding an existing one – Prontobrand can help you. Our collection of catchy and creative domains contains abstract and unique .com (dot-com) names such as and, as well as meaningful and intuitive names such as and Whether you need to choose abstract or intuitive though, Prontobrand has the perfect brandable domain name for you. With satisfied customers in the USA, UK, Denmark, Dubai and beyond, you can rest assured your domain purchase with Prontobrand will be a smooth and trouble-free process.

Q: You have a lot of names featuring "certa" and "1st". Why is this?


A:  "Certa" and "1st" immediately help to convey a core value or quality about themselves. "Certa" is the Latin word for "reliable", and for customers the world over, reliability is a key factor when choosing business brands to use.  "1st" inspires customers, reassuring them that you're blazing a trail at the head of the pack. You’re 1st, and they are too! It also has the added advantage that it frequently comes – no pun intended – first in directories and listings, thanks to its numeric placement ahead of the alphabet. So "1st" is not only visually more striking, catchy and memorable than say its counterpart "first", but it also places ahead of it on most offline and online directories too. "1st Call" features heavily in our portfolio of domain names too because it's a strong, memorable, no-nonsense brand name. It has the ability to leap out at you - grabbing your attention with its dynamic call to action. 



Q: What is included in the price quoted for Prontobrand names?


A:  Our prices include a domain name, usually .com, but occasionally .net .ca or You will also receive Prontobrand’s high level of customer service in any and all dealings with us. All prices quoted are in US$ (U.S. Dollars) unless otherwise stated. Prices do not include logos as they are used for illustration purposes only. Clients typically prefer the creative freedom to produce their own designs, however, if there is a particular logo you like, please let us know. Logos displayed on our site have been created by Prontobrand using, a leading online logo creation service. 



Q: What payment methods does Prontobrand accept?


A:  PayPal is our primary payment method for name purchases, but we also accept who are the world leaders in safeguarding the buying and selling of domain names. Both payment methods are quick, easy and secure, and provide you, the buyer, with complete peace of mind.


Q: How quickly will I receive my new domain name?


A:  Once PayPal or notify us they have received your payment, we initiate the transfer of the domain name to your registrar of choice. and are two such registrars, although there are many more. Domain transfers are a manual process and times vary from registrar to registrar, however, it usually takes between 3-8 business days to complete. If you need to take ownership of the domain sooner than this we would suggest creating a free account with GoDaddy, the registrar where our own names are registered. The domain 

can then be transferred to your account in a matter of hours instead of days.

Q: If I purchase a Prontobrand domain name will this include a trademark for the name?


A:  No, it will not. Prontobrand does not provide any guarantees of your name being granted a trademark as there are simply too many factors and variables involved in successfully registering a trademark. Registering your name, should you wish to do so, with the appropriate trademark office will be your responsibility. It will also be your responsibility to ensure that your name and its use does not infringe upon the trademark rights and copyright of anyone else. Please be assured that this is standard industry practice as trademark registration can be a highly involved and detailed process.

Q: Will I need to renew my domain name(s) at some point?


A:  Yes. It is important to administer your domain(s) - think of it as good housekeeping if you will. Registrars such as and require domain owners (you) to keep their domains renewed and up-to-date. They charge yearly renewal fees and these are approximately $10 per year, although discounts can usually be secured when renewing for more than one year at a time.   



Q: Does Prontobrand sell its names anywhere else besides this website?


A:  Yes. Our names are also available for purchase through premium partner, 

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